Jayme Langford Strips on the Stairs

Thursday, February 23, 2017 20:01

After her date, Jayme Langford is heading upstairs to her room but she can’t help but start a show right there on the stairs. There’s no mistake on what this horny redhead wants – sitting down, she tugs her thong aside and shows you her delicious pink slit. This babe wants you NOW!

Unhooking her bra, she lets it fall from her chest. Her supple breasts are delicious looking, enough to make your mouth water. This minx looks good in her thigh highs. Everything this beauty has on accentuates her hottest body parts. Once she’s dropped her clothes, you better follow her lead and get up to that bedroom!

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Jayme Langford Shows Her Sultry Side

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 12:25

You’ve seen the sweet and seemingly innocent Jayme Langford before, but get a good look at her here! She’s all dolled up in black bra and panties, a gold belly chain, and her red hair cascading over her shoulder. She looks absolutely stunning.

But this sultry minx has a wild side she wants you to be privy to. She tugs her bra down, her natural tits and erect nipples popping out. Her panties are gone and she’s got her legs spread. The gold belly chain leads you down to that shaved patch between Jayme Langford’s legs. This is a woman you will fall head over heels for.

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Jayme Langford Flashes Her Panties During Croquet

Saturday, February 11, 2017 8:10

Cute strawberry-blonde Jayme Langford got to play a game of croquet for Playboy. Off course, this isn’t just a regular game – she’s taking it upon herself to make it a strip version! When she squats down to size up a shot, she flashes those lacy panties. That’s your first hint that this game is going to get H-O-T!

With the mallet laying in the grass, you’ll notice that Jayme Langford has already lost her top and skirt.. This minx wears nothing but her bra and panties, and even those don’t last long! Her nimble fingers walk over her silken skin, ready to drop everything from her perfect form.

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Jayme Langford Spreading on her Bed

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 16:05

Little Jayme Langford is having some fun getting naughty in her bed. Jayme Langford is only wearing a cute bra and panty set that she is ready to strip out of, and get her hands dirty, by rubbing that pussy well. Once Jayme gets herself off, she shows off her freshly finished body and wet pussy.

Cute Jayme Langford Stripping Down

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 8:00

Jayme Langford is dolled up, and ready to strip down. She’s not fully clothed for more than a minute before she decides to keep things dropping to the floor. Jayme Langford strips her clothes off and lays back on the couch, flicking those panties off the end of her feet. Jayme leans back and starts getting her fingers wet in her pussy, spreading wide as she pleasures herself.

Jayme Langford Stripping in the Sound Booth

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 20:00

Jayme Langford is caught getting naughty in the sound booth with a naughty look in her eyes. She is wearing super high heels and a thong under her tiny mini skirt. Jayme Langford then takes her fingers to pleasure her pussy, and lucikly has a pink vibrator along with her, to pleasure herself until she cums. Jayme then lets her body relax after the hard work she put herself through…

Jayme Langford Outside in a Dress

Thursday, December 15, 2016 0:09

Sexy redhead Jayme Langford is out in the sun and enjoying being a little tease. She is wearing a thong under her sundress, and flips it up to show off. She undoes her halter top and lets the dress fall, showing those perky tits off. As Jayme Langford wanders around in her little thong, teasing before finally slipping it off, and playing with her pussy by rubbing her fingers all over.

Jayme Langford – Redhead in Lingerie

Saturday, December 10, 2016 20:01

Jayme Langford is a stunning beauty that is looking to have some fun. Jayme has her bra and panty set on, ready to display those perky boobies and enjoy what she loves the most: having some naked time. Jayme Langford strips down, and bends forward, showing off her panties, and then shortly thereafter, her bare pussy.

Jayme Langford at the end of the Night

Thursday, November 24, 2016 4:04

Jayme Langford is showing you what you get when you get lucky, with a girl as hot as herself. She absolutely stuns in nothing but her lingerie and stockings. Jayme Langford is a master at tease, and first teases her bra off, and lets it fall, baring those perky tits of hers. Then, oozing sex, Jayme Langford stuns as she crawls on the floor, teasing us with views of her pussy as she reaches for her panties until she finally lets it come off, teasing her own self.

Jayme Langford gives sexy views of her gorgeous pussy right up close, as she fingers and excites herself for the camera, which comes easily for this exhibitionist.

These photos taken by Stephen J Hicks for http://www.digitaldesire.com

Jayme Langford playing under a Tree

Sunday, November 20, 2016 0:00

Sexy Jayme Langford is enjoying some fun out in the sun in her bikini. With her guitar and blankets, she’s all set to relax. Jayme Langford is ready to show off her exhibitionist side a bit more and starts to get naughty, dropping her bikini top.

Jayme Langford is not done, though. This songbird is ready to make some noise as she gets her bottoms off, and spreads wide to show off her tight little pussy. Jayme Langford is getting much hornier as she goes, and quickly gets down to the ground, leaning back against the tree, and putting her fingers to work on her shaved pussy. But Jayme Langford is the kind of girl that comes prepared, with her toy. She finishes herself off with delight as she gets off with her cute vibrator.

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Jayme Langford Playing with Karlie

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 20:02

Sexy Jayme Langford has some fun with Karlie. These two sexy girls get to have some fun on each other for once. Jayme Langford is very excited and make sure she gets hers, as she kisses, licks, and gets to take total advantage of Karlie. The two get to work on each other, and Jayme Langford gets to enjoy giving and receiving some oral pleasure before she uses a vibrating toy on Karlie.

Then the gorgeous twosome get together to finish themselves off with their own vibrators, enjoying how hot one made the other.

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Jayme Langford in Red Bra and Panties

Friday, November 11, 2016 16:00

Jayme Langford looks so sweet with little makeup and just lingerie. Jayme Langford is even wearing pigtails, for that extra look of her just rolling out of bed. And what a fine site she is, even still. This natural beauty, Jayme Langford, is set to stun and goes right for the target.

Jayme Langford drops to the floor, and performs her striptease there, standing back up and unfolding those legs only to finish getting naked. Then Jayme Langford enjoys the fun of her gorgeous naked body for you to see, playing with her perfect nipples, and spreading her legs so you can see all she has to offer.

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Jayme Langford Glamorous in Black Lingerie

Monday, November 7, 2016 12:33

Jayme Langford is dolled up, stunning, and glamorous as she lays outside in her black lingerie. She is clearly ready to start getting is off, as she is giving many peeks past her bra. Jayme Langford is one to do it; and with a look of desire in her eyes, she slips off her bra.

Jayme Langford teases, letting her sexy hair fly over her face, she straddles the couch to get more and more revealing. Jayme Langford pulls her panties back for a nice, wide view of her bootie and tight pussy as she crawls on all-fours before deciding it’s about time to pleasure herself.

Jayme Langford Strips Out of Jean Skirt

Thursday, October 13, 2016 12:06

Looks like the sexy co-ed Jayme Langford has come home from college and you won’t believe he seduction techniques this babe learned! She told everyone that she was just a good and studious student but really, she went to college and became the campus whore!

Now that she’s back in her hometown, she’s ready to show all those guys who didn’t give her a chance in high school, what they’ve missed! They won’t be able to stop staring at those long silky legs and that jean mini skirt. You know all the fellas are going to try and be peaking under it!

Jamie won’t even give them the chance to try and steal a glimpse. This horny wanton will just pull her skit up to give them a good look at her white cotton panties. White cotton – ha! What a way to fool the boys. This slut has one wet pussy and those good girl panties against her well used cunt makes her even more aroused!

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Jayme Langford Loses Her Robe

Sunday, October 9, 2016 8:07

The naughty Jayme Langford just got out of bed and wrapped herself in her fuzzy pink robe. When with that messy hair, this ginger vixen looks incredibly hot! She’s got it in her mind that she’s going to start the day with a little romp. Something fun before the day has to be all work.

She throws her robe open to show that there’s nothing but a pair of see through blue panties under it. Her small tits with tiny erect nipples are bare and beautiful. If you look close you can see this babe’s bald little cunt beneath those panties.

Even her panties don’t last long! She gets up from the floor, drops her lingerie and is ready to show off that naked pussy of hers. Those cunt lips getting nice and engorged, while inside she’s getting incredibly wet!

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Jayme Langford is Redhead Hottie in Floral Lingerie

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 4:05

Wouldn’t it be a dream to come in and found the lovely Jayme Langford welcoming you inside? She looks incredible as she’s wearing only lingerie. Those little hooks to hold up stocking are so sexy, knowing that the nylons are missing and it’s just her bare legs. The thought of her preparing for your visit is such a turn on.

Turn on indeed! Looks like even the small framed redhead can’t keep her hands off of herself! She’s wanting this itch of hers to be scratched and if that means she needs to take things into her own hands, then she’ll do it!

When she throws herself onto the cat print covered furniture is when the real fun starts! Her pink painted nails pull her panties aside and show you a whole different kind of pink! That slit of hers is widening the more she gets turned on. Her flower blossoming, her pussy swelling, all of this being true! Once her panties are off for good, it’s time that this sex kitten get to have some release!

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Jayme Langford is an Expert Pussy Eater

Saturday, October 1, 2016 0:15

Capri Anderson has always loved sex and of course loved a good cock. Jayme Langford is the sort of woman that really likes a good challenge. When she meets Capri at a party and finds out she has never been with a girl before, it’s game on! There is a very good chance that Jayme’s amazing pussy licking is going to show Capri a whole new side to herself.

Check out Jayme Langford’s tongue action here!

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Jayme Langford is a slut at the party!

Monday, September 26, 2016 20:14

Hey guys, I went to this party yesterday hoping that I was gonna have a hard cock inside my tight little pussy, but instead I got seduced by this hot girl Capri Anderson. We worked our way out from the party to a private room where she licked me in a way that no man ever did before. We had such a good time I can’t believe that I am now a lesbian!! Cum and see me at Mofos Network to see my hot lesbian experience

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Jayme Langford slips off her blue lingerie

Thursday, September 22, 2016 16:01

Jayme Langford is one of the hottest additions of Penthouse!! She is a gorgeous tight assed blonde that loves to tease us and play with her perky boobs! Watch her slipping off her sexy blue lingerie.. Get inside Penthouse now, the absolute best place to get the highest quality photos and videos of Jayme Langford

Jayme Langford in a black bra and panties

Sunday, September 18, 2016 12:06

The hottest redhead on earth, Jayme Langford poses in her black lingerie and stockings! Jayme Langford is the young horny slut of my dreams.. she loves to tease us with her amazing body and her tight ass! Jayme Langford’s pussy gets really wet while thinking about our cocks… Get inside Digital Desire now and dowload the best of Jayme Langford

Jayme Langford 1 Jayme Langford 2

Jayme Langford turns back and shows off her tight bubbly ass!

Jayme Langford 3 Jayme Langford 4

Jayme Langford lays down her sofa and starts palying with her perky boobies!

Jayme Langford 5 Jayme Langford 6